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Growing support for global museums from Baryn Futa

October 23, 2019

Whether it’s a small and local exhibition of talented community artists or a grand gallery display within one of the world’s most popular museums, fine arts appreciator and benefactor Baryn Futa understands the need for considerable support across the arts. Unlike hundreds of years ago when art was not only collected but a way of life, today’s modern individuals lack the same appreciation for these creative endeavors. Financial support across global art destinations have dropped, particularly in the wake of 2012’s United States recession. Also, the focus on this medium has depleted as well as schools and community organizations remove artistic study in favor of more lucrative or core educational programming. Baryn Futa recognizes this significant decrease and encourages people around the world to step up in support of the fine arts -- step up financially, step up to support artists and step up in their attendance of such a vivid and vibrant endeavor.