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Baryn Futa urges art appreciation

December 19, 2019

Today’s world relies less on art as a medium as emerging technologies become pervasive in society. Why go to a museum to see a Van Gogh piece when you can Google it? Why donate dollars to a budding artist when you can try creating the work yourself from a Pinterest post? Why engage with art exhibitions when the television is readily available for entertainment? Arts appreciators and benefactors such as Baryn Futa are noticing this change across society and urging individuals to rejoin the greater arts community and learn why it’s so important to community. Baryn Futa recognizes the struggle that artists, museums and other facets of the art world face as a result of this cultural shift. Yet he pushes forward with his own fervent support of the high arts and encourages others to discover the same passion then act similarly. After all, without this greater appreciation and support, the arts may die entirely in communities big and small across the world.