December 19, 2019
Today’s world relies less on art as a medium as emerging technologies become pervasive in society. Why go to a museum to see a Van Gogh piece when you can Google it? Why donate dollars to a budding artist when you can try creating the work yourself from a Pinterest post? Why engage with art exhibitions when the television is readily available for entertainment? Arts appreciators and benefactors such as Baryn Futa are noticing this change across society and urging individuals to rejoin the greater arts community and learn why it’s so important to community. Baryn Futa recognizes the struggle that artists, museums and other facets of the art world face as a result of this cultural shift. Yet he pushes forward with his own fervent support of the high arts and encourages others to discover the same passion then act similarly. After all, without this greater appreciation and support, the arts may die entirely in communities big and small across the world.
October 23, 2019
Whether it’s a small and local exhibition of talented community artists or a grand gallery display within one of the world’s most popular museums, fine arts appreciator and benefactor Baryn Futa understands the need for considerable support across the arts. Unlike hundreds of years ago when art was not only collected but a way of life, today’s modern individuals lack the same appreciation for these creative endeavors. Financial support across global art destinations have dropped, particularly in the wake of 2012’s United States recession. Also, the focus on this medium has depleted as well as schools and community organizations remove artistic study in favor of more lucrative or core educational programming. Baryn Futa recognizes this significant decrease and encourages people around the world to step up in support of the fine arts -- step up financially, step up to support artists and step up in their attendance of such a vivid and vibrant endeavor.
April 22, 2019
In countless college classes across the globe, students are taught the value of “art appreciation.” From line to shape and tone, cubism to impressionism, students gain a crash course in this study without ever gaining true knowledge. Few move into society with any idea how to truly understand art in its many forms, differentiate the eras from which pieces arise, grasp varying styles and techniques or even evaluate a piece of fine art beyond its beauty to the naked eye. The qualities of great art — the qualities that fine arts appreciator Baryn Futa has studied and applied to his professional work — are lost among many.

But individuals such as Baryn Futa, who daily moves from appreciator to art benefactor, not only value individual masterpieces — they support the artists who painstakingly craft them. Futa has turned his love for brush strokes, color and imagination into financial support for the artists who bring visions to life and art museums that display fine pieces and exhibits. He has strived to help support those who ensure art appreciation, including its explanation, doesn’t become a lost form of study simply relegated to dusty textbooks and reprinted pictures.

Futa, like many, recognizes the struggle of artists and museums to keep the arts alive and thriving, and he welcomes others to join him in learning more about art appreciation, its vital importance and ways to ensure this vibrant piece of society doesn’t disappear.